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The world’s friendliest transport app. Covering 150 cities with live bus and train times and directions. Available free at
Can you rely on bus countdown screens?

Over the last year, we’ve been hard at work at solving one of the biggest issues our customers face: when will their next bus arrive?

Like most public transport services, we rely on the bus companies themselves to provide accurate arrival times for each of their vehicles. But there’s always room for improvement.

In January, the UK’s Department of Transport launched live bus locations through it’s Bus Open Data Service (BODS). As of March 2021, this includes tens of thousands of bus locations throughout England. …

We go in-depth into how we use the world’s most popular database to make our app speedier.

tl;dr: we use SQLite to quickly and easily distribute massive databases to dozens of servers.

Whiz operates worldwide, and we want to make sure that the app responds quickly wherever you are. That can be a bit tricky — if our servers are based in New York, and you’re in Sydney, it can take up to a second for a message to travel halfway across the world.

Why? Sending information to and from a smartphone requires getting it to the right place. That…

A new frontier for Whiz and how we get schedules

Today, we’re launching in many new locations throughout the UK and Europe, including:

✓ Northern Ireland

✓ The Isle of Man

✓ Jersey

✓ Frankfurt, Germany

✓ Munich, Germany

✓ Leipzig, Germany

All right, all well and good, but so what? Well, these locations have been on our ‘hit list’ for some time. But the problem has always been that we needed to build a dedicated pipeline for these cities.

Let’s take a step back: in most cities we cover, the local transit agencies publish their schedules in GTFS format — developed by Trimet in Portland and Google in the…

Whiz will no longer show personalized advertising.

Since we started in 2013, we’ve continually evolved — the app has grown from a simple bus-tracker for three cities in the UK to a worldwide transit navigator spanning over 150 cities. The way we monetize the app has evolved as well, from selling apps up-front, then making the app free and showing advertising, to our current subscription model.

Advertising needs to evolve as well. We’ve decided to stop showing personalized advertising in our apps. What’s prompted us to do this? In previous versions of iOS, Apple has provided the IDFA to any app that wants to use it. …

It’s inconvenient when your favorite transit app goes away, but Whiz is here to stay, and we’d like to tell you you why you should travel with us.

Public transport, your way.

Whiz provides everything you’ve come to expect on your daily commute — live departure times, journey planning, service alerts and several features you won’t find anywhere else. Our focus has been on giving you the freedom to get the information you need any way you want.

Our app is simple: it’s split into tabs, and it remembers which one you were in last time.

With the novel coronavirus sweeping the globe, many transport networks are doing everything they can to fight the virus — from increased station and vehicle cleaning to reducing services. If you need to travel to the supermarket or to work (and many do, including frontline emergency workers) we want to help.

From today, we are updating our app with the latest news and reports from local transit networks to keep our customers informed. For example, the MBTA in Boston and ETS in Edmonton have started a reduced Saturday service for many routes, while others like the MTA in New York…

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