Moving on

4 min readJun 22, 2020

It’s inconvenient when your favorite transit app goes away, but Whiz is here to stay, and we’d like to tell you you why you should travel with us.

Public transport, your way.

Whiz provides everything you’ve come to expect on your daily commute — live departure times, journey planning, service alerts and several features you won’t find anywhere else. Our focus has been on giving you the freedom to get the information you need any way you want.

Our app is simple: it’s split into tabs, and it remembers which one you were in last time.

Explore shows you everything that’s around you. Just tap on any stop or station on the map to bring up live departure times. Departure boards include seven-day timetables, station maps, line filters and intelligent search (try it out — its great for finding lines that go near your destination).

Favorites gives you a convenient starting point for your saved stops, places and trips. Other apps spread these all over the place, but we keep them here on their own dedicated screen.

Directions give you a handy place to find step-by-step directions to your destination. Other apps limit directions to the city you’re in, but we’ve built a inter-city journey planner which is crazy fast. Try Seattle to Boston, or London to Warsaw. We’re not suggesting you spend three days on a coach to cover a continent, but it’s good to know the options are there.

Lines show all nearby lines with route maps with live vehicle tracking. The search bar is pretty great too — type in anything, a line number, a town, a street — and we’ll find the lines that stop nearby.

Super search

We’ve built intelligent search into every part of the app — even the Settings screen has a search bar.

Looking at a departure board and want to know which lines go where? Just start typing. Town names. Street names. Local shops and businesses — we’ve built a sophisticated geo-search engine that finds the right line to match your destination.

It’s the same with our route maps — just start typing and we’ll find all matching lines.

If you’re on iOS, Siri Shortcuts are ready to use for live departures and journey planning.

Live times and real-time crowding info

Over 100 cities provide real-time departure information to Whiz. Not only that, you can see exactly where your bus is and when it will arrive.

With social distancing policies in place in many cities, Whiz now shows how busy your ride is. Over a dozen cities (including Sydney, Pittsburgh, Rome and Boston) now show real-time crowding. Many other cities are rolling out automatic passenger counting on their vehicles, and as soon as the data is available, we’ll show it in the app.

What makes us different

You get a say. Our customers can vote for the next feature to appear in the app. Since we launched voting late last year, we’ve ticked off over a dozen requested features, and we’re working hard on crowdsourced station and line reports, the best train carriage for connections, and other great new features coming out over the summer.

We concentrate on quality. iMore kindly included us in their list of must-have transit apps, and we’re improving with every release.

We build privacy into the app. We don’t store any personal information. We don’t keep server logs. The only third-party system we use is Google AdMob for showing advertising within the app, and you can get rid of ads with a subscription or single-purchase Lifetime Pass.

We’re here to stay. We launched our first app in Brighton, England in January 2013. Since then, millions of you have downloaded Whiz. We don’t have any investors. We fund our business from in-app purchases and advertising — which means we can concentrate on making a great app even better. We’re not going anywhere.

We’d like to be your new transit companion. We’ve got some great things lined up, and you can help choose which ones get built first. Download the app for iPhone and Android today for free.




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